3 Must Do’s before you invest in a professional designer

Have you been thinking about investing in a designer for your logo design? Then, this my friend is allllllllll for you.

All designers worth their salt will take you on a journey to ensure they fully understand your dream branding. This can be in the form of 1:1 consultation calls, questionnaires, workbooks etc. (All of which is necessary and not just fluff we add in to our packages to bump up the price, by the way….)

BUT what if for some horrific and inexcusable reason, you choose to work with a designer that DOESN'T do all of this pre-work?????

You run away screaming, take my advice and find a designer that does (obvs).

If for some weird reason, you’re determined to work with said designer, here’s what you need to have nailed BEFORE you work with a designer.


1. Your brand strategy.

I’ve written a post previously explaining what branding actually is, so I’m not going to dive into it here. Basically, you need to know your why, what and who. Why are you in business? What are you offering? Who are you serving? You also need to have established how you want to show up online. How you want your brand to look and feel and what your message is.

Here’s what’s gunna happen if you don’t get clear on this before a designer starts designing for you:

  • You won't be able to decide on a design / colour scheme / fonts

  • You’ll want them to do multiple changes and normally you’re only allowed up to 3 so any more than that is gunna cost you money

  • You’ll end up saying yes half heartedly to a design that you don’t love but think is ok for now. (Thats a HUGE waste of money and time, don't do it).

Basically, you need to be super clear on what you want your brand to communicate. You can download my free Brand Plan Workbook here.

2. Understand it’s not for you

A designer will craft up a beautiful logo that’s strategically designed to communicate your brand message AND attract your target audience. Here’s the kicker; this has not been exclusively designed for your personal tastes. You.Must.Remember.THIS.

Yeah, you need to like it, especially if you have a personal brand. But ultimately; will your target market like it?? Here’s a classic example:

A female personal trainer who works with both male and female clients. She loves pink and sparkles and wants her brand to have a lovely swirly hand written font with bright pink in it. Can you see the problem with that? It may reflect her tastes and attract her female market, but it’s going to completely turn off the male market. They will take one look at that and decide that she isn’t for them, that it must be for a female only audience. Which means less sales.

3. Be in business

Ok, you didn't expect that one did you? Now, let me get clear here - I’m aiming this at the women who have online businesses and are going solo for the first time. If you’re opening up a shop you’re gunna need a logo straight away.

But, if you’ve decided to own your own business and work from bali as a business coach, whilst sitting in your 9-5 cubicle where you work as a Customer Service Agent - this is for you my friend.

I fully endorse test marketing. Basically, before you invest $100’s in a professional designer, you need to know for sure that your business idea works. That there’s demand for your products / services, that you actually enjoy doing it and you’re good enough at it to make some money. You need to make sure it’s profitable.

You do this in the form of test marketing; you launch your business via your social media accounts and networking and work with a few clients. By the time you’re working with your 4th client you’ll know for sure if this things got potential. Then, AND ONLY THEN, should you consider investing in a professional designer. Up until that point, if you really want a logo, you can pick one up for under $100 or DIY it.

Yep, I’m a designer and I told you not to buy a design package from me until you’ve actually got a bit of practise behind you. (That’s kinda how you know I’m the real deal…just saying).

Ok, so that my friend is 3 must-do’s before you invest in a professional designer. As always I love to hear your feedback, so feel free to drop me a comment or if you’ve got any questions….contact me :)

Stace xx

Need help getting clear on your strategy? You can download my free Brand Plan Workbook below:

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