3 ways to perform an audit on your brand.

If you’re struggling with getting sales within your business and you’re doing ALL the things and working your butt off, it may be worth just taking a step back and taking a holistic view of how your business is showing up.

Doing a brand audit isn’t just for newbies. It’s healthy to do a periodic check up on your business. To do this, you’ll need to take a look at a few different elements, but the overall goal is to see if you are presenting the version of your business that fully speaks to your target market and also correctly represents your business.

So, you’ll need to pull out your brand strategy and have it to hand whilst you go through this process. If you don’t yet have a brand strategy, you can download my free brand plan workbook here.

Alright, so let’s get into it. Here’s the top things you should review when doing a brand audit on your business.

1. Links

Errr maaa gaahhhhdddd I can’t actually believe how many businesses have broken links all over their online presence. I periodically offer free brand audits on facebook and the amount of people who had broken links on their FB profile was unnnreeaaaalllllllll.

Here’s the golden rule:

If you are a using social media to network and promote your business, you should have your business linked to your personal profile. Whether thats a link to your website, instagram profile or facebook page. It should be on there, 100%, no excuses.

But check the links people. All of them. Check all of your social media accounts and make sure the links work and are going to the right place. You can also do this on your website using a free online broken link checker, just google “check broken links”.

2. Hey good looking!

Take a look at your content; website, logo, social media posts. How's it looking? Does it all look consistent? Are you using the same colours consistently? If the answer here is no; you’re not creating a consistent image for your audience. Instead of building up trust, you’re making your target market think you’re an amateur.

3. Feel the vibe, man.

Ok, this is real talk right here. How you make your dream client FEEL when you post content is soooooo crucial to closing a sale. It’s psychology. First, you should already have established how you want your audience to feel when they interact with your brand. Is it empowered, excited, calm?? Those words should be in your brand strategy; they’re a key part! Ok now take a look at everything. Does your content inspire those emotions? Or is it a hot mess that brings out their inner OCD?

Ok, good work! That should give you a strong understanding of how your brand is performing online. The key thing here is consistency. Whatever your strategy is, your brand image should be consistent and designed in a strategic way that attracts your target market and explains what your business is about.

Remember, you’re a professional, not an amateur. Strategy is key to creating intentional content.

If you’d rather have a professional do this for you, I offer full Brand Audits. Go check them out now using the link below.

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