Day 3 - Website Launch Challenge

Content is King

Today we're going to focus on the content that you are going to upload to your website. Content is the most important aspect of any website, whether it's professional images that set you above your competition, or magnetic copy that converts your audience from strangers to buyers… content is king.


  1. Images

Ultimately, your website is an extremely visual tool. The visual style of your website creates an immediate impression on your audience.. For this reason, it's important to have high quality images for your site.


If you aren't a personal brand, you can use stock photography from places like (free) or adobe stock (paid).


If you are a personal brand, I strongly recommend having a professional photo shoot done, unless you are a pro with the camera and have a tripod (or a friend with a DSLR camera) to take some epic shots.


Ultimately, you want to avoid looking like you've taken a random selfie on your phone and uploaded that to your site.


Heres why - if you are asking people to invest in you as a professional business by buying your products and services, poor selfies are going to instantly shatter that opportunity for cold traffic, because it makes you look like an amateur.


So, please ensure you have professional looking images to use on your site.


Photography layout tip: For the most part, you'll benefit from having images shot in landscape rather than portrait for your website. This is because images shot horizontally work much better for your website in places where you may need a banner image (such as your intro image on your homepage).


2. Written Content


Ok, here's something you need to understand: your website is alllllll about your target audience. In fact, everything is about them. In everything you do, you want to be communicating to their needs, their problem and their deepest desires…. Even when you're telling your own story.


When a prospect lands on your site, you're just going to come off as "just another coach" if you instantly start talking about your qualifications…. It really means nothing to them.


Think about it - when you land on a website, you'll get the instant warm and fuzzy feels if someone instantly talks about your current situation and then goes on to say how they can help…. Especially if they start describing in detail what you’re struggling with right now.


So, focus all of your content on your dream client.


I recommend referring back to day two, where you planned your layout and using that as a guide to write your content. I usually create a fresh google doc page for each page on my site and write my content on there - you can always tweak it once you build your site.


Content writing tip: Use contractions to make your writing sound more casual if you're a personal brand, it will make you sound more friendly and relatable.


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Day Three Actions

For day three, the core focus is pulling all of your content together. Here’s your core actions for today:

  1. Collect your images from stock sites or arrange a photoshoot if you need to

  2. Write your content for each of your pages for your website

  3. Feel free to post links to the facebook group for feedback on your images and text