Day 4 - Website Launch Challenge

Let’s Build it!

Ok loves! Today it's time to build your site, woooop!


So far you've chosen your core goal for your site, planned your layout and pulled together some images and written your text for your site.


It's now time to build your site!


First things first: have you purchased your domain?


No matter which platform you choose, you'll need to have your domain, so go and grab that now. It's up to you where you buy your domain from. Some platforms include this service (such as squarespace), and some wordpress hosting providers also give free domains (such as blue host or siteground).


So dependant on your platform of choice, you may be able to arrange your domain along with another service. I personally buy my domains from godaddy, but shop around because you can get them really cheap.


  1. Using templates

Ok, so the pro's usually design in something like Photoshop. They then send that design to a developer who builds the site for them. But, this is a DIY challenge!


So, I strongly recommend using a template to design your site. It will make your life sooooo much easier. Squarespace provides a multitude of free templates for you to choose from, you just pick one and go.


For the likes of wordpress and shopify, you can purchase themes. Shopify sell them on their site, whereas wordpress is quite different. For wordpress, you can buy themes which you use their styling to build the site (such as the Divi theme). Or you can buy themes that people have designed themselves and you customise it with your brand colours, text and images.


It all depends on how technically savvy you are. If you feel comfortable with learning new software, you can purchase a theme such as Divi and build your own site.


Site building tip: Check and test every aspect of your site once it's live, before you launch it to make sure it all works. Test every single button!


The alternative is; you can have someone that designs and builds it for you. You'll still need to do everything we've covered up to this point, including writing your content and providing the images, but it means that the stress of DIY'ing with wordpress is removed.


If this is something you're interested in, I offer a website intensive package where you get to choose from 3 templates and we'll then customise it for you and build your wordpress website too. I'm giving you guys a special discount on these too, take a look here:

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Day 4 Actions

Day 4 is alllll about the build. This may take some time, so you’ll need to block out most of the day to dedicate to this. Here’s your actions for today:

  1. Buy your domain

  2. Build your website using everything we’ve created so far

  3. Test all of the links and buttons on your site

  4. Post your live site in the group for us to all check for you and give you feedback before you launch it to the world