Day 5 - Website Launch Challenge

It's launch day!


Yay! Well done on getting your site up and running this week, you are a rockstar!


Today it's the day to launch your website into the world. Before you do, I've added a few extra bits on today's post to help ensure you have a smooth launch.


  1. Test, test, test

I know I've already talked about this, but once you've set your site live, please test alllll of your links and buttons on your site to make sure they work. The last thing you want to do is launch your website and then your freebie signup form doesn't work. So, test every button. Test all of the forms (contact me form etc) to make sure you receive the emails. Test your freebie if you have one, to make sure it all works smoothly.


2. Extra bits for wordpress

If you have chosen to DIY your wordpress site, you'll need some extra plugins to help you. Here's the ones I recommend you have:

  • Yoast - This is your SEO plugin that will help you optimise your written content for Search Engine Optimisation

  • UpdraftPlus - I practically insist that you setup automated backups of your site. If something terrible happens to your site, you won’t have to start it again from scratch because you'll have a recent backup.

  • Securi - You need to protect your site from hackers and other internet nasties.


3. Create a launch offer

What better way to celebrate than to offer something special to your audience? I think launch offers are a great idea to drive traffic to your site, and to monetise the launch of your site! Think of a discount or offer you can give to your audience to celebrate your launch. Put a time limit on it to create a sense of urgency to help drive sales too.

That’s a Wrap!

Thank-you so much for taking part in this website launch challenge. I hope you found it helpful! Here’s your core tasks for today:

  1. Test eveeeeryyyytthhiiiiiiingggg

  2. Install important plugins for wordpress

  3. Create a launch offer to monetise your website launch

  4. Post your launch offer in the group! Get promoting!

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Stacey Tite