Content Elevation


Ok, let’s get real for a hot second. Writing content for your audience is starting to feel really fucking hard - like you’d genuinely rather go for a bikini wax because it would be less painful.

And when you do write content, you’re staring at the screen asking yourself “what kind of fuckery bullshit is this?!”.

You HATE fluffy content; you’ve made a sacred vow to yourself to never write filler content…..but right now you’re completely at a loss about what to write about.


Ideal clients?? Yeah, nah. All you seem to do these days is attract people who can’t afford you.

Before you drown your sorrows in that packet of oreos and glass of pinot….take a breath love. I’ve got you. (obvs).

This mini course is a gentle and loving kick up the butt. It’s going to help you get back into flow and writing content that makes your ideal client stop.the.scroll.

On this course you’re going to really get to know your ideal client… or get reacquainted with them. And before you put your neck out with an overly dramatic eye roll at another ideal client avatar exercise…….. please re-read the above and tell me how your marketing has been going for you lately….?

Love, the fundamentals of marketing are to speak your target markets language. That means - you need to get inside their heads. You need to know exactly what they’d confess to their therapists, write in their journals and blurt out in a drunken confession with their bff over a bottle of wine.

Once you know that - you know how to write content that deeply resonates with them.

You’ll reconnect with your audience, be firmer in your confidence to help them and know how to write content that converts.

I’m not just going to make you do the exercises and leave you to figure the rest out. I’m going to give you specific examples of how to use your knowledge of your audience to write content that your audience LOVES and makes you feel prouder than a peacock in mating season. (I actually don’t know if peacocks have a mating season, so don’t quote me on that.)

Wanna know how to harness your own story too?

Module 3 is alllll about YOU. I teach you exactly how to harness the gold from your own journey to write BOLD AF content that’ll have you channeling The Greatest Showman and singing “This is Me” at the top of your lungs every time you write content.


This beauty is an instant access course (helll yaaaaasss). Here’s what’s included:


  1. Get to know your ideal client - their core problem, the impact you have on their lives & which core emotions you need to speak to in your marketing.

  2. Put it into practice and write content that converts using a framework that focuses on them; their emotions and their needs.

  3. Write killer content; this is where I go deeper with tips and tricks to writing killer content. (PERSONAL BRANDS this one is for you! This is where we go deep and get you visible by harnessing your own story & journey)

  4. Your marketing game plan to make that shit stick - I’ll show you how to make a marketing plan to help you stay consistent, re-use your content and make your life soooo much easier.


>> Free Weekly Content Planner Worksheet

>> Free 40 Content Ideas Cheat Sheet


Some important info:

You’ll be given instant access to all of the course content when you purchase, therefore all sales are final and no refunds are given.