3 Signs you need to work on your Brand Strategy:

  1. You struggle with writing content, you just don’t know what to say

  2. You keep attracting the wrong people; they’re less then ideal clients or they can’t afford your prices

  3. You’re not sure what offers and services to create and the ones you have launched haven’t felt amazing

  4. Your current business model feels a million miles away from where you really want it to be 


 Let me guess, this is you right now:

  • You’re ready to go big in your business, you just need some help with your messaging and strategy

  • Been in business but struggling for maybe 6 to 12 months. Like, it’s been a JOURNEY.

  • Taken group courses and trainings in the past, you’re not afraid of investment but you’ve reached that point now where you know you need some 1:1 action.

  • You get the mindset hype. You really do. You’re not afraid to go deep and kick your limiting beliefs to the curb.

  • You’re serious about building an ICONIC brand. You’re over the DIY life. You’re dreaming big. (Even if you’re not quite there just yet.)

  • You’re putting content out there, but you’re still attracting the wrong people and it’s starting to get really fucking annoying

  • You’re a one-woman show currently, with a service based business which helps other people grow, evolve and elevate their lives and businesses.


You’re a Unicorn.

You’re also unsure of what the fuck to call yourself, because let’s face it, you’re a bit of a unicorn and there’s a tiny bit of doubt around the label you’re currently parading around under.

“Ok so, yeah Stacey, I’m with you so far sister, but honestly…. what the fuck does a brand strategist really do anyway?”

Good question.

In a nutshell, I help you get clarity and set intention on your message so that you feel more aligned in your business and start to attract your dream clients. 

Sounds like a load of fluff doesn’t it? Like one of those generic sentences that you see on every business coaches page but you aren’t really sure what that actually involves.

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 21.55.25.png

Sneak Peak

We use Trello to keep it all organised and keep track of our progress and your homework. (Yeah, you’ll have homework, we mean business in this programme).

Ok babes, here’s the breakdown:

First off, we start with your big vision. Before we get alll strategic on your biz, I want to make sure first and foremost that your business model is aligned to your 5 year plan and you’re not playing too small. Hint: You’re definitely playing too small right now. So we start here, unearth all of your bullshit limiting beliefs that are keeping you broke and frustrated, visualise your actual dream and re-align your business model.

Screenshot 2019-01-27 at 21.57.45.png

Sneak Peak

Once we’ve wrapped up the 4 weeks together, I put alllllll of our Trello content into a pdf summary for you so you’ve got all of your brand strategy together in one place. (I’ve been told this is reeeeallllllyyy helpful).

  • Then, we tip out the puzzle pieces of your business and we organise that shit and start piecing it all together.

  • We define your mission, voice, values, position - so that you can be crystal clear on how your business should be showing up consistently in a way that really communicates that message. One of the biggest mistakes you could be making is attracting broke people when you’re trying to sell high ticket offers because you’re branding looks cheap or speaks about being broke and struggling (hint: high ticket payers aren’t broke - they won’t be attracted to that message).

  • We then get crystal clear on who your target audience actually is and the type of messaging they would be attracted to. I’ll even stalk you during our time together to check your marketing content and give you feedback - cause I want you to actually implement this shit and get results.

  • Once we’ve figured all of that out, we look at the implementation plan. Where you should market your business, how to use emotional marketing to create content that resonates and look at your offers and freebies and make sure they are aligned to your new sparkly business model.

  • I perform a brand audit on your online channels to provide feedback on how to tweak those to re-align your brand (insta, fb, website)

  • At the end of our 4 weeks together I’ll provide a roadmap for your journey ahead, with my ideas on the next steps you can take with your business to keep the momentum going

Here’s some results you may see after our time together:

  • Writing fiyahhh content that attracts dream clients

  • Find content creation muccchhh easier because you know what you actually need to say

  • Start showing up like a LEADER in your field and not just a follower

  • Market your business in a way that feels fucking awesome and not tacky (unique to you and not copying what everyone else is doing)

  • KNOW exactly who the fuck you are, why you’re so fucking awesome, why the fuck your clients actually NEED you in their lives and how to sell with ease like a mother fucking badass.


You in? Ok, let’s do this.

The next step is to book in a free 60 minute consultation with me. During this call we will dive deep on your big vision and current pain points in your business. This is for us to make sure we’re a good match. Because hiring a consultant is like dating; if you’ve got good chemistry, it’s going to be fucking epic.

 “But wait Stace, this sounds fucking epic, how much does it actually cost???” (You’re right it is epic.)

$1,000 usd

That’s it. (That’s the price of most group programmes these days where you might be lucky to get 1 hour 1:1 time with the mentor.)

P.S - Want to carry on working with me after? You can upgrade to my Elevate Your Brand Coaching Package at just an extra cost of $2000, which can be spread over a payment plan. Check out the details here

But no my friend, you get me, 1:1 for 4 weeks, with 4 hours video call time and unlimited voxer and email support.

For 1000 fucking dollars.

It’s honestly a steal.

I even offer a non-inflated payment plan (I know right, fucking epic.) You can split the cost over two payments if that helps, so you’ll pay $500 up front and then $500 at the end of our 4 weeks together.