1:1 Iconic Brand Coaching

A one of a kind strategy coaching package

It’s time to get your dream business off the ground.

I know you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated right now - You KNOW what your dream business looks like, you KNOW you’ve got the gold within you to make it work…. So why the F does it feel so hard??

Family and friends ask how your business is going and you cringe. You hate talking about it because you don’t feel like you’ve hit huge success yet and you’re embarrassed to talk about it.


What you really need is someone to take your hand to guide you through it.

Someone who can help you create a clear framework for your business, whilst also coaching you through your own bullshit at the same time.

Iconic Brand Coaching isn’t your regular coaching package….. It represents what it creates; daring to do something different.

This package is a kick-ass blend of strategy and coaching. Here’s how it works:

We’ll take a holistic look at your business; what’s working and what’s not and compare it all with your big vision. We’ll work through your brand strategy, defining your message, your brand position and who you’re targeting. And at each stage, I’ll help you work through your emotional reactions to those, so we can uncover any limiting beliefs that are coming up for you and reframe.

It’s the perfect blend of teaching and nurturing, allowing you to build a solid framework within your business but also having someone to talk all of your fears and confusion through with, making sure you keep pushing forwards and making progress in your business. Let’s remove those fears of success and failure, alleviate that imposter syndrome and help you appreciate your true value..

You can utilise any or all of my signature framework to create the business of your dreams whilst we work together:

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Deep dive on your big dreams, review your zone of genius, your strengths and what you find fun. Take a look at your mindset, recognise current blocks and limiting beliefs and overcome them. Remove your current shackles that are holding you down. This is all about aligning your business to your big vision.

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Build a strategic brand. Deep dive on your business mission, your target audience and your message. Create an iconic brand identity. Own your super power and put yourself out there to establish you as a leader.

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Together we’ll craft a marketing plan to help you show up consistently where your audience hangs out. We’ll get laser focused, planning in advance and deciding on your non-negotiables to achieve your goals.

Here’s just some examples of what we can create together:

+ Create clarity around your message, so that you know how to show up powerfully to your dream clients

+Design a business that you love - a business thats aligned to your big vision. You don’t wanna do 1:1 work? No problem.

+Craft a marketing strategy thats unique to your big vision, your target audience and your mission - you’re going to fall in love with marketing!

+Plan products and services that serve your audience deeply, that you want to sing from the rooftops about

+Wanna plan out your funnel together? I’m a huuuugggeee marketing geek - we’ve got this in the bag!


I’m not your average coach and this is not your average coaching package

I was a Brand Designer - I’ve designed iconic brands but also seen the other side of the fence, where people invest money into a designer but still don’t succeed due to lack of strategy and a mindset for failure. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to elevate women in business, not just through design but also through iconic strategy. I’m also:

  • Transformation Queen - I’ve quit my career for travelling, I’ve changed my career in my late 20s, retrained as a designer to have a location independent business, i’ve ended a relationship to move to the other side of the world based on an instinct and met my soul mate. I’ve overcome imposter syndrome, low self-worth and a fear of success. At every hurdle I’ve pushed through. I’ve been where you are right now and overcome it.

  • Intuitive - I’m a strong intuitive; i can see your true potential, spot your limiting beliefs and tap into your emotions.

  • I’ve been there - not being able to afford my bills, had a tonne of debt and not been able to get more credit to invest into my business and so lived in struggle street and DIY-ing everything, and then I started to change. I accepted an offer for a skills exchange programme where I had free coaching in exchange for a brand design package. I came out of a 4 month rut where I did nothing in my business. I won free coaching and instantly became sold out in my design business. I then started to re-invest in coaching on my own business and that’s when the magic happened. I realised that coaching is the quickest way to make your business successful if you approach with an open mind and a get shit done attitude.

Are you my dream client?


This is for you if:

- You’re in the business of changing lives & you’re here to make a big impact.

- You love personal development and may even be a little bit (or a lot) into the woo!

- You’re an action taker, you’re ready to fly!

All Inclusive 4 Month Package

// Includes Define Your Brand - my 4 week 1:1 Brand Strategy Programme

// Online Brand Audit - Instagram, FB, Website

// Initial Deep Dive Session

// Weekly 45 minute calls

// Voxer / Email Access

// Free access to any programmes I launch during our time together

Cost of Investment: $5000 usd

Or payment plan of $1250 per month.

Pay in Full Bonuses:

// Free access to my Elevate Your Content course - this course is a must for personal brands who want to write magnetic content that converts. - Value $75.

// Wordpress Website Design - Let’s get you launched! Choose from my professional wordpress templates to launch your wordpress website. (See Ts & Cs) - Value $1000

Terms & Conditions

  • Voxer / Email Access is available Monday to Friday New Zealand Time (Sunday to Thursday US)

  • Define Your Brand programme is a 1:1 brand strategy programme which we will utilise during our time together to refine your messaging, this may include homework.

  • Wordpress Website Bonus: I will provide templates for you to choose your design from and guide you on the content to write for your site too. You will then provide your written content and images and my team will build the site for you. You will need to cover the cost of hosting and purchasing your domain. I also strongly recommend having professional images, unless you’re a pro at taking high quality photos.

  • Structure: We will start off deciding your goals for our time together, and then focus our time around that. The typical structure if to start off working on your brand strategy, then your offers and services and then finally your marketing strategy.

  • You’re in the driving seat. I will provide ideas and suggestions that I think would benefit your business based on the information you provide, but ultimately I will always bring it back to you and what feels right for you. You are ultimately responsible for the results we achieve together.