Resources to grow your Business.

When I first started out, I had noooooooo idea which tools and software to start using to grow and manage my business. I’ve picked out my top faves and explained why I love them so much, and listed them in order of priority for you.

  1. Call Scheduler

If you’re a personal brand working in the online space, one of the first things you’ll need to do is find an easy way of allowing your clients to schedule calls with you - even if they are in a different time zone.

My clients are all over the world and managing the different timezones can be a bit of a nightmare, especially as I live in New Zealand!

I use a call scheduler tool, which means I can set my business hours up and my clients can book in a time that works for them in their own time zone.

Acuity Scheduler:

2. Email Management Tool

To start collecting email addresses, you’ll need to be signed up with an email service provider. I first started off with mailchimp, but found their processes really frustrating to use.

I now use Convertkit, because I find it so much easier to use to setup sequences and automations.


3. Project Management Tool

For most of my clients we work together on building their brand strategy. I like to keep track of our progress together, plus have a central place where we store all of our ideas and output. 

I’ve used both Asana and Trello, but ultimately I find Trello easier to use.


4. Quiz Software

I have used quizzes to build up my email list for a while now, and I think it’s a really fun way to provide value to your audience.

I enjoy Interact because they’re really easy to use!


I love being an affiliate for companies that I’m passionate about, so if you do decide to sign up with one of the companies I’ve listed above using the links that I’ve provided, I may receive financial compensation.